is the first of its kind website dedicated to Somaliland business news and insights in both English and Somali. Though we have a growing network of journalists and writers we are always on the lookout for high quality/engaging content that is in line with Our Mission.

Topics and Type of Content That Would Work Well:

  • Real life business experiences in Somaliland – both positive or negative
  • Business successes and failures in Somaliland – approximately 70% of businesses fail in the first 5 years so we’re keen to hear of any learnings
  • Unsung Heroes – the micro businesses that are the grassroots of the economy.
  • Challenges of doing business in Somaliland and what kind of solutions are out there 
  • New startups

And anything else that you feel is exciting news that the wider Somaliland business community would want to know about. 

Get in Touch Now and let us know what content ideas you have.