The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme is open once again for the 2019 round. Last year there was a lot of publicity about the programme with the Guul Group organisation leading the promotion in Somalia/Somaliland. So there should be more awareness of the programme and the fact that Somalilanders are able to apply if they meet the criteria.

What is the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme?

As described on their website: TEF is the largest African philanthropic initiative devoted to entrepreneurship. Read more about the man and story behind the foundation. The founder has set aside $100m to fund 10,000 African entrepreneurs over the next 10 years!

Criteria for Applying:

  • Open to citizens and legal residents of all African countries
  • Run for-profit business based in Africa
  • Business is less than 3 years old

The business can be across any sector – look at the breakdown of past participants (investments):

What You’ll Get Out The Program:

As part of their ‘7 Pillars’:

  1. Startup Enterprise Toolkit (7 week course)
  2. Online Mentoring
  3. Online Resource Library
  4. Meet-Ups
  5. TEF Entrepreneurship Forum
  6. Seed Capital – each participant gets $5,000 investment
  7. TEF Alumni Network

Past Somalilanders Have Benefited:

The video below was the launch last year by Guul Group

Video in Somali Language – launch event to promote TEF Entrepreneurship Programme in Hargeisa, Somaliland

Finally, read about past participant from Somaliland who benefitted from the programme.

Apply here for the programme:

Deadline: 1st March 2019